In 2023 our permit has come under the scrutiny of Larimer County Staff and the arbitrary decision has been made that our permit now only allows 11 cars per day.

This arbitrary decision has an enormous impact on our business and our customer experience.

We invite our customers to view the Land Use Minutes from Monday, October 19, 2015 to view for yourself our concern for this very capricious decision by county staff. We have highlighted in yellow the car information for ease of viewing.

Land Use Hearing Minutes – Monday, October 19, 2015 – Here you will find our permit car counts: Agri-tourism  18 plus 5 plus and additional 22 cars in our peak season.

Board of County Comissioners – Land Use Hearing


Attached, please find our response to the arbitrary car count change to our permit

Representation Letter April 2023

Findings and Resolutions from the 2015 BOCC meeting. This is the summary of the meeting minutes. Both the meeting minutes and this F&R are considered legal documents by Larimer County.

Findings and Resolutions 2015